DayZ Noobs Server Rules!

These rules apply to all our servers.

Main I.P:
Whitelisted I.P:

1. No Hacking/Glitching/Duping
Aside from apple/saline/well/rock, all will result in a perma ban on both servers. (glitching into buildings and rocks, shooting through walls, etc.)

2. No Combat Logging
This means while you are in combat, if you log out during a gun encounter/holdup/chase (2 minutes) this is considered combat logging and will result in a 24 hour ban.

3. No Disrespecting Admins/ Or Server
I work hard and do my best to keep not only both servers, but our Discord, Twitter and Facebook page running properly and toxic free. I am on 95 % of the time to help out with anything a player may need. Disrespecting me in any way won't help you, especially if you are seeking help.

4. No Stream Sniping
We have ALOT of content creators who play on our server, and we want to make sure that our server continues to be a fun, safe place for everyone to play the game the way it should be played, this includes our streaming community. If the streamer or a mod for their channel have proof that a player is stream sniping, it will result in a 24 hour ban, and if the stream sniper continues after that, it will turn into a permaban.

5. No Racial Slurs
This is extremely disrespectful and unnecessary no matter what race you are. Proof of this happening will result a permaban.

6. No Ghosting Between Servers
- Our Main server is connected to our Whitelisted server. This means, no matter where you are on one server, you will always be there on the other. Ghosting is when a player will log off one server, and onto the other in a different position to either run away from their enemies or to come up behind them. This is not allowed and will result in a temp ban on both servers.

Rules can be subject to change at any time. The community will be notified when a change happens.

For any further questions, please contact our admin “Vengeful” as she will be taking care of questions related to both servers and can help you with anything you need.
All players please consider joining our “DayZ Noobs Discord” to be kept up to date with any and all information on both servers. This is also a place to report any suspicious activity you may see inside or outside of game.